Carnegie Travel

Seeking a way to bring members together for the joy of travel, the Carnegie Visual Arts Center introduced the Carnegie Travel Group in 2010. This outreach program offers Carnegie Members annual travel opportunities to great destinations around the country and beyond. With the help of a local travel agent, we begin with a package of hotel, air and transfers. Once the group is booked, participants meet from time to time to get to know each other and to discuss possible group activities. Prior to travel, each traveler completes his own agenda which might include participating in group activities, small group tours or exploring on your own. The flexible nature of the group has been well received with participation ranging from 25 – 40 travelers each year.

Carnegie Travel
Carnegie Travel

To date, the Carnegie Travel Group has ventured to the following locales:

  • February 2011 – New York City, NY
  • July 2012 – Chicago, IL
  • April 2013 – San Francisco, CA
  • March 2014 – New Orleans, LA
  • May / June 2015 – Barcelona / Mediterranean Cruise (Spain, France, Italy)
  • May / June 2016 – Montreal, Canada
  • June 2017 – Boston, MA
  • June 2018 – Santa Fe, NM
  • June 2019 – Portland, OR

Trips are generally announced in the spring / summer for travel the following year.

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