One of the primary goals of the Carnegie Visual Arts Center is to promote involvement in the arts. Our outreach programs strive to take art outside our walls and into the community.

Carnegie in the Schools

The Carnegie Visual Arts Center takes art to the students in our Decatur/Morgan County area schools. We are able to engage students by providing opportunities to connect with artists through hands-on opportunities.

Carnegie Outreach in the Schools
Carnegie at the Somerville Public Library

Somerville Public Library

For several years the Carnegie Visual Arts Center has been bringing exhibits to the Somerville Public Library in Somerville, Alabama. Exhibits change every 3 or 4 months and are designed to encourage art appreciation and learning in this community center.

Huntsville International Airport

Carnegie Art Way is currently in the construction and planning stage. This annex in the Huntsville International Airport will include a community exhibit space in the public areas of the airport with an emphasis of art installation projects in the concourse area. The Carnegie is very excited about this project and looks forward to the opportunity to continue to “Passionately Promote Art for All” to a larger audience.

Carnegie Art Way at Huntsville International Airport
Speakers Bureau

Speaker’s Bureau

Would you like to have a member of the Carnegie Visual Art Center’s staff visit with your organization? We love to have the opportunity to speak with groups and share all of our exciting projects and exhibits. Please call the Carnegie at 256-341-0562 and we will be glad to speak to your club or organization.