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Past Exhibit

Jamey Grimes

Roil (2020), corrugated plastic, dimensions variable

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 The objects and environments that I create are fueled by encounters with natural forces, both real and imagined. Inspired by these encounters, I generate unique forms through the manipulation of synthetic materials. These forms accumulate, en masse, to engulf the viewer in an experience that is simultaneously unsettling and serene. My intent is to remind us of our relationships to forces of nature.

Synthetic materials establish a unique starting point for creating artwork that responds to nature. These tangible substances are selected because they have been cleansed of nature’s direct influence and reset by human manufacturing processes. Through abstraction and re-interpretation, patterns emerge from the medium and quickly emulate more complex natural designs. The juxtaposition of this dialogue reflects a human impulse to codify the natural world.

-Jamey Grimes

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