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Symbols of Transformation: Sophie McVicar

Sophie McVicar is a visual artist who lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama. Her work celebrates the gentle beauties and tragedies of nature. She grew up deeply fascinated with the inner lives of animals, religiously illustrating her field reports of the various flora and fauna she interacted with. She went on to earn degrees in both art, B.F.A., and chemistry, B.S., capturing her dual love for science and visual art.

Symbols of Transformation documents the perilous development of the psyche from Unconscious to Conscious, tracking the timid and naive soul through metamorphosis into the wise and the generous. Various stages of the journey are investigated through four primary animal protagonists: the hare, the sparrow, the vulture, and finally the crane.

“That the highest summit of life can be expressed through the symbolism of death is a well-known fact, for any growing beyond oneself means death.”-C.G. Jung, Symbols of Transformation

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