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The Ercegovic-Pope Collection

  • Jan 24–Mar 4, 2023
    10:00 am-5:00 pm

Whether amassed from around the block or around the planet, art hobbyists and professionals often feel a deep connection to their art collections. Marsha Ercegovic and Gary Pope have the perfect artwork for this season. They lived in New Orleans for 20 years and celebrated Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest by buying artwork. The spirit of the big Easy especially shows through in the prints of George Rodrigue. Marsha worked for Rodrigue, creator of the famed Blue Dog series, for many years at his gallery on Royal Street.

Whether an important memory or a family likeness, collectors often express deep emotions through their acquisitions. Aside from adding visual interest in the home, art also increases knowledge and builds horizons. Collecting art often includes personal exchanges and interaction with the artist that builds support, empathy, and understanding. Art is valuable to society, owning a piece of art means owning a piece of history. Knowing the background behind each work of art is half the fun. Collectors take pride in telling the story behind each piece of art in the collection, whether it’s talking about the symbolism in the artwork, the artist’s back­ground, or how they found the art itself, collectors love sharing their passion with others.