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Past Exhibit

Trace Barnett

White Trash (2020)

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White Trash is my collection of art made from repurposed materials and found objects. I have utilized manmade items—sometimes literally found in the trash—such as paper, chicken wire, makeup, and old cell phones combined with natural objects such as branches, moss, and egg shells. By arranging the objects on canvas and pouring white paint over to secure them, a moment in time is preserved. White paint symbolizes purity, giving a fresh outlook to discarded materials and therefore creating a symbolic item from trash. I use color sparingly, and when I do, it’s only to enhance the natural colors of the objects.

There is a very personal and intimate approach that I take when working with objects from a specific place or person. It’s about respecting what it exists while finding a unique way to showcase it in a new light. Great artwork comes from self-confidence, cultivating the eye, and a natural common sense about living life. It’s about finding beauty at every turn and creating something that draws the eye towards it. 

-Trace Barnett

Featured image copyright of the artist.

White Trash‘s display at the Carnegie was made possible with The Cupboard’s exclusive sponsorship. You can visit their storefront at 504 Bank St. NE.

#4 | various art supplies from the artist drawers, crumbled paper, artist model, house paint on canvas in an antique frame | $475
#8 | birds nest, egg, house paint on block | $475
#15 | hair dryer, thongs, valentine lips, confetti, tennis balls on board | $950
#15 (Details)
#17 (Diptych) I vintage makeup, eye lashes, various brushes and other beauty utensils on canvas frame | NFS
#17 (Diptych) II
#18 | walnut shells, clip-on earrings, orange pom-pom on canvas in an antique frame | $100
#23 | house paint, spray paint and tissue paper on board | $225.00
#24 | botox vials, fungi, vintage carnival mask and house paint on canvas | $375
#27 | wood remnants, nails, screws and house paint on canvas | $175
#28 | crumpled paper and house paint on canvas. | $50
#29 | spray foam, house paint, sprinkles, tinsel, glass shards, pills, tin cuttings on a vintage side board | Price upon request
#29 (Details) I
#29 (Details) II
#30 | vacuum cleaner bags, zip ties, house paint, blue enamel, hung from a barn board | $450
#35 | fur coat, pea shells, hay, bird netting, blue thread and house paint on board | $850
#35 (Details) I
#35 (Details) II
#37 | paper copy of Tracing Roots, wire, car tags and house paint on canvas | $2,200
#37 (Details) I
#37 (Details) II
#38 | electric wire, sunglasses, cigarettes, various nuts, bolts & screws, house paint on antique frame | $750.00
#38 (Details)
#45 | VHS tapes, thongs, magazine clippings, candlesticks, fabric, insulation, papier-mâché of actual tweets, black and white paint on canvas | Price upon request
#52 | egg shells, feathers, sticks, snail shells, mosses, fungi, tin and house paint on canvas | $975
#54 | burned egg cartons and house paint on board | $2500