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Under Pressure: Stacy Tabb, Kimberly Hart & Stephanie Flier

With inspiration drawn from the intersection of the natural and spiritual worlds along with fleeting moments in nature and firsthand experience of the cycles of life, the three artists featured in the Carnegie’s Under Pressure exhibition share their artworks made by differing techniques and principles of the printmaking process.

Stacy Tabb’s deep understanding of Scandinavian and Pacific Northwest styles of folk art results in clear, crisp depictions of multiple species of animals containing their primary food source in place of scales, feathers, shells and fur.  Stephanie Flier’s ephemeral mark making and experimentation combined with traditional printmaking processes can result in unanticipated outcomes in a series of miniature monotype prints.  Kimberly Hart combines cyanotype-based prints on fabric and paper, each piece a practice in mystery and imperfection, creating a perfect experience of the significance of embracing unpredictability.

Together, these three accomplished artists present us their unique vision and processes as Under Pressure.