Robert Belcher


Robert Belcher

Through my paintings, I try to convey a spirit, a memory, a feeling of what I define as a “southern” way of life. I explore my heritage and that of my wife to find people/personalities, stories, and evidence of a time past, a time when there was a pride in what you did, how you did it and how you carried yourself. I use a mixed media approach in an attempt to convey the spirit of the working class ideal.

The composition is inspired by old snapshots and family photos. Some are tightly cropped, and others have expansive negative areas. I employ a weathered surface created from furniture and liming wax to age the image with a clear coat of varnish to encapsulate the idea, much like a memory.

I’m inspired by history, longevity, craftsmanship, workmanship, relationships, texture, and color, so I search my collection of family photos, old books, and Southern stories and articles to find a workable subject when starting a new piece.I base many paintings on my own family as well as my wife’s, as I have direct knowledge of their stories. I’m very lucky to have a studio in my own house. It’s filled with inspirational items, such as items from my childhood and photos of my family.

Robert studied art at Auburn University and graduated from UAB with a Masters in Art Education. He currently lives in
Decatur, Alabama with his family and teaches high school students art. You can contact him at