Sam Barnett


Sam Barnett

As long as I can remember, I have had an interest in painting and drawing. My interest and respect for painting increased while attending Auburn University’s College of Architecture and Fine Arts. While studying for my degree in landscape architecture, I utilized watercolor and other media to render various projects and illustrations. Once I began my professional career, I continued to utilize these techniques and became more and more interested in developing my skills as an artist.

I am inspired by the works of American artists such as Howard Pyle, John Singer Sargent, Andrew Wyeth, and Winslow Homer. I am equally inspired by Dutch painters such as Johannes Vermeer and Rembrant van Rijn. The work of each of these painters emphasizes the influence of light and shadow and a keen eye for detail and respect for the subject matter at hand. These aspects of painting are what I strive for in my work.

My philosophy is that God created everything and that there is beauty in all that he created. My desire is to use any skills he gave me to illustrate the beauty of even the most mundane of objects, places, or people. By doing so, it reminds me who I am here to serve and hopefully allows others to enjoy the work along the way.

My work could be described as contemporary realism. My subject matter is usually taken from everyday objects and places that evoke a unique place and time or present contrasts of light and form.

I find great interest in the simple, everyday, mundane and forgotten things in life as well as the things we consider beautiful by their nature. By composing these elements correctly and in just the right light they tend to come alive and have their own moment in time.


Dragonfly Gallery – Fayetteville, TN


Auburn University – Auburn, Alabama – 1980 – 1985; Bachelor of Landscape Architecture College Of Architecture, Design and Construction.