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Bird & Nature Art Journaling Workshop

Join artist Timothy Joe in his Bird & Nature Journaling Workshop. Learn how to sharpen your observation skills and use art to document what you see in the outdoors.  You don’t have to be a “good” artist or create a masterpiece to strengthen your love for nature and build your confidence in creating art. Timothy Joe has led workshops with the Birmingham Audobon Society and teaches art locally. Find more of Timothy’s work, birding, and journaling on his Instagram.

This workshop takes place on Saturday, January 9th, 2021; the registration fee is $5. Two sessions are available, per the morning and afternoon:

Session 1 @ 9:30A.M. – 11:30A.M.

Session 2 @ 1P.M. – 3P.M.

Support local artists by nurturing your own skills. Call the Carnegie at (256) 341-0562 to sign up today!

All images copyright of the artist.