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Embracing Art XIX

Embracing Art, A Coming Together of Amateur and Professional Artists.

This annual show commemorates the Carnegie Visual Arts Center as a place of art for all people and celebrates the creative spirit of our community. The exhibit features works in multiple mediums highlighting the talent of area artists.

Best of Show-Monica Dahl, Here for You, oil
2nd Place-Michael Manly, Future Man, mixed media
3rd Place-Gary Anderson, Backyard Rabbit, oil on board
Director’s Choice-Susan Estes, My Three Son’s-Easter Sunday 1948
Honorable Mention-Billy Herrin, Striated Boat House, watercolor
Honorable Mention-Michié Mooney, Blue Vase, mixed media collage
Honorable Mention-Bryson Thurston, The Journey Home, spray acrylic/oil
Honorable Mention-Sam Tumminello, The Tree, 2008, monochrome print
Honorable Mention-Rick Adams, Adam and Eve, clay and wood
Honorable Mention-Kathryn Lansing Vaughn, Sunlight & Shadow, watercolor
Honorable Mention-Mike Williams, Southern Man, oil
Honorable Mention-Daniel Lee, Be vewy, vewy quiet…, day, clay
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The Artist Reception will be on April 11th in conjunction with the birthday celebration of the Carnegie Visual Artist Center. Artists and guests are invited to enjoy the exhibit from 1:00-3:00 pm as we celebrate art in our community.
"Forest Path" by Thomas Young, 24"x18", $175
"18 Top Hits" by Tammie Calrk, 28"x32", NFS
"Cherry Blossoms" by Suzanna Greer, 12"x24", NFS
"My Three Sons, Easter Sunday,1948" by Susan Estes, 24"x36", NFS
"She Wore Vermillion in Her Hair" by Rickie Higgins, 20"x40", $600
"Honest Weight" by Spencer Nolen Laws, 10"x19"x20", $900
"Reflections" by Sherman Barnes, 24"x18", $1050
"The Tree" by Sam Tumminello, 16"20", $98
"Pollinators" by Sandra Massengill, 30"x40", NFS
"Seneca Rocks, West Virginia" by Rick Henry, 12"x24", NFS
"Winter's Wildlife Bridge" by Raven Mobley, 16"x20", $125
"Bilbro Late Night" by Peggy Hale, 20"x30", $350
"Best Friends" by Paula Ethridge, 18"x24", $450
"Here for You" by Monica Dahl, 16"x20", $1050-Best of Show
"Sand Hill Crane" by Pamela Keller, 24"x48", $10,000
"Southern Man" by Mike Williams, 18"x24", $2000
"Blue Vase" by Michie Mooney, 11"x14", NFS
"Future Man" by Michael Manly, 22"x31", NFS-2nd Place
"Dragonfly" by Michael Manly, 20"x20", NFS
"Music Makers" by Mavis -Stephens, 12"x8", $300
"Simply Sunset" by Marsha Ercegovic, 20"x16", $250
"Take Me Home" by Marianthe Snyder, 16"x16", $323
"Looking Towards Tomorrow" by Margaret Dukeman, 20"x16", $720
"Save Me" by Rickie Higgins, 10"x20", $100
"Dawn's Wedding Day" by Linda Sanders Lee, 20"x21", $200
"Sunny with Blue and White" by Kathryn Price, 16"x20", $650
"Sunlight Shadow" by Kathryn Lansing Vaughyn, 27"x24", $575
"Waterfall Feature Bellingrath Gargens, Mobile, Alabama" by Karen Young, 11"x7", NFS
"Trees and Stars II" by Julia Carter, 16"x20", NFS
"Feeling The Warmth" by Joyce Lowery, 30"x22", $900
"Horned Owl" by Jose´A Ortiz G, 16"x12", $320
"Hidden Temple" by Johnny Ray, 15"x27", $250
"The Dancing Girls Garden" by Johanna Littleton, 30"x34", $650
"Tennessee River East on a Winter Morning" by Jim Dykes, 11"x14", NFS
"Baptizing 2" by Jessica Lee, 20"x24", $600
"Moon Over Seattle" by Janice Lowther, 20"x20", NFS
"Wild Thing" by Jackie Segars, 11"x14", $250
"Sleeping In" by Hunter Vroonland, 20"x10"x19", $400
"Petal Depiction" by Hollen Seay, 8"x5", NFS
"Puddle" by Heather Baumbach, 32"x42", NFS
"Breath" by Heather Baumbach, 60"x36", NFS
"Measured Steps" by Florence Bowman, mixed media
"Kitchen Counter" by Gay Blackburn, 24"x36", NFS
"Ms. Peggy" by Gary C Walker, 16"x20", NFS
"Backyard Rabbit" by Gary Anderson, 24"x18", $500
"Shows Promise" by Elizabeth Lewis Scott, 24"x18", $3600
Danny Rodgers, "Reclamation", 12"x36", NFS
"Be Vewy Vewy Quiet" by Daniel Lee, 24"x10"x18", $400
"Sipsey Wilderness 1" by Cynthia Volin, photograph, 11"x14", $145
"Night Reflection" by Clay Turner, 16"x20", NFS
"Mary" by Cindy Cummings, 11"x14", $125
"Nordic War" by Casey Hughes, 8"x20", NFS
"Caged" by Carrie Alderfer, 16"x20", $1800
"The Journey Home" by Bryson Thurston, 27"x33", $777
"Striated Boat House" by Billy Herrin, 22"x19", $500
"Tim's Ford Barn" by Billy Herrin, 22"x19", NFS
"Midnight Cramming" by Bethany Stringer, 12"x12", NFS
"Leaf Fairy" by Barbara Howell, 5"x7", NFS
"Rock N Roll" by Barbara Henry, 16"x20", $600
"Abstract SiAs1" by Arne Croell, 20"x16", $260
"Circle of Love III" by Amita Bhakta, 28"x14"x5", $500
"Lost Beacon" by Amber King, 12"x18", NFS
"Adam and Eve I" by Rick Adams,$4800
"Professor" by Lori A Parker, 20"x24", $325
"The Witch's House by Kimberly Starr, papier maché, NFS
"Potion Witch" by Kimberly Starr, paper maché, NFS
"Dahl Sheep" by Kim Carr, NFS
"Headway" by Geppe Hernandez, acrylic/latex, NFS
"Americana" by Lee McCain, photograph
"Apples of Gold" by Kim Pourcho, $75
"Harvest" by Lakshmi K, Nallamala, oil, NFS
"Ready to Slice" by Laura Vann, oil, $350