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The Preservationists: Frances D. Tate and Timothy Joe

Artists, Frances D. Tate and Timothy Joe share a love of history and passing down stories to future generations. With art as their passion, they have preserved and promoted the history of their communities and the nature that surrounds them.

Frances D. Tate grew up in Decatur and attended local schools. After a successful career in the telecommunication industry,  she worked as an equipment auditor for telephone companies throughout the United States. During her assignments, she was enlightened on how various communities preserved and promoted their heritage. After she retired she began to pursue her love of art through painting. She uses water from the Tennessee River to create her watercolors, symbolic of the flow and unity of the community. Warm earth tones, opulent blues, bright colors, and vivid textures add rich elements to each painting. She is determined to revive her community’s legacy in Decatur’s Old Town since many of the dwellings have fallen victim to Urban Renewal and neglect. As well as being an accomplished artist, Frances is a dedicated community leader and civic advocate.

Timothy Joe is an American self-taught, representational artist from the rural southern town of Greensboro Alabama. He currently lives and works in Huntsville. He considers it his calling to see beauty in common places and capture the scene. Timothy says, “Everyday things that usually would not get a second glance can become beautiful works of art.  There is a message in every scene, whether it is a location, personal belonging, or building.  There are so many beautiful subjects that should have their place on my canvas or any other painting surface.  My mission is to capture these hidden treasures before time erases them completely.  I am compelled to show the younger generation how life was and raise appreciation of what is often overlooked.” He loves learning the history of his subjects and believes that appreciation helps him to create meaningful art. “Creating a beautiful painting is nice, but painting the same scene with an understanding of the history is what I am after. I believe the backstory of my subject is just as important as the color I choose to paint.”

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