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Huntsville Ballet Company

Huntsville Ballet School’s mission is to provide the highest caliber of dance training to all its students, from the recreational dancer to those who plan to pursue a professional career.

Celebrating over 50 years of dance training in Huntsville, the Huntsville Ballet School offers open enrollment for classes including a variety of art forms and spanning generations with sessions ranging from Mommy and Me through Open Division lessons for adults. Students at the school have an opportunity to perform with the Huntsville Ballet Company and Huntsville Symphony Orchestra in The Nutcracker at the Von Braun Center concert hall.

HBS is the official school of the Huntsville Ballet Company and provides the finest classical ballet training in Alabama. The school’s curriculum is targeted to develop strong, flexible and versatile dancers that can adapt to a variety of dance forms. The faculty at HBS is committed to helping students reach their full potential. The syllabus that the HBS faculty follows is proven to train the highest caliber of professional dancers. Students from HBS have been accepted into prestigious programs and professional companies across the country. While all students do not choose to pursue a career in dance, the dedication, discipline and work translate into other aspects of their lives to make them successful.

Who is Huntsville Ballet Company?

Rachel Butler, Phil Otto, Monica Yother, Jim Kendall